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DC Engagement Session at The Wharf

The fall is not only the second busiest time of year for photographers due to weddings almost every weekend, but it's also an extremely popular time of year for engagement sessions! I don't mind though because I truly LOVE engagement sessions. It's a great opportunity for you to meet me in person and for us to get to know each others personalities and for ME to know how you are in front of the camera!

This particular engagement session was really freakin fun. Michelle works with my husband as a teacher at the same Elementary School in Arlington (yes we live in Annapolis- Pat has a heck of a commute and never complains). I was SO excited to hear she wanted sunrise engagement photos because the light and lack of people around make it truly worth it- ESP if you're wanting somewhere in DC/Urban setting.

I had never been to The Wharf because when Pat and I lived in NOVA, it really wasn't what it was today- there are so many new restaurants and shops. I couldn't stop talking about the architecture and how beautiful everything was- it really is an amazing spot.

We hit up pretty much every location possible. My favorite was probably the alley with stars hanging above or when the sun started to rise and we got that perfect glow right at the end of the session.

Take a look for yourself!


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