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I want you to be aware of my availability before starting the process of rescheduling your wedding date. To make things easy I have created this guide including steps to rescheduling, my availability calendar for 2021, my rescheduling policy, and links to wedding blogs providing advice to couples during this time. 

step one:

contact your venue

You deserve to have your wedding day! Postpone your wedding date, do not cancel it.  Contact your venue first and ask for dates they have available in 2021. Venues typically only book 1 wedding a day so it is important that they are consulted with first about a date change. 

step TWO:

contact your vendors

Reach out to all your vendors and let them know the date options your venue provided. Ideally everyone should be available for at least one of those dates. Remember each vendor is a small business so each will have their own rescheduling policies.

step THREE:

date change

  • Send an "unsave the date" to your guests.

  • Follow-up with a new save the date 12 weeks before your new date.

  • Send an official invitation 8 weeks before your date. Yay!

  • Send these digitally (free and eco-friendly) or via mail.

available dates

updated 05/13/2020

= available

= not available

Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template.png
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template-2.png
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template-3.png
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template-4.png
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template-5.png
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template-6.png
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template-7.png
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template-8.png
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar
Copy of Covid-19 Calendar Template-9.png
  • Plan your new date around a day I have available. If you choose a date I am not available then I will hire an associate photographer of equal skill and talent to photograph your wedding day. If an associate shoots in my place all editing and final gallery delivery is still done by me.

  • There is no rescheduling fee, but you will need to sign a rescheduling addendum.

  • Your original retainer payment and any payments made are applied to your new wedding date.

  • Your payment due dates will change based on your new wedding date.

  • You can put a soft hold on a 2021 date if you are unsure about rescheduling at this time. If someone else chooses that soft hold date you will be notified and will then have 72 hours to decide if you want to move forward with officially rescheduling or the date will be released to the other couple. 

rescheduling policies

got questions? email to ask me anything


outdoor session policies


You are not required to wear a mask during your session but I will be wearing a mask at all times..

social distance

I kindly ask that you keep your distance from me. In different circumstances hugs and handshakes would be welcomed but right now the rule is 6ft.

schedule spacing

Sessions and/or meetings will have an adequate amount of time between them to allow for cleaning and sanitizing.

Most outdoor locations require a permit application and/or fee or permission from the property owner, you are responsible for ensuring we can shoot at the outdoor location you choose. 


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